Enjoy year-round comfort. DAIKIN ROOM AIR CONDITIONER. Depois de concluir a instalação, proceda a um teste para verificar se não existem falhas e explique ao cliente como utilizar e manter o sistema de ar condicionado com a ajuda do manual de instruções.

O texto em inglês corresponde às instruções originais. Os textos em outros idiomas correspondem a traduções das.

Manual de funcionamento. Remove batteries if the air conditioner is not in use for a long period of time. Guarde este manual onde o operador possa encontrá-lo facilmente. Leia atentamente este manual antes de ligar a unidade.

Por razões de segurança, o operador deve ler cuidadosamente as seguintes advertências. O presente manual classifica as precauções em ADVERTÊNCIA e PRECAUÇÃO. Do not attempt to repair, relocate, modify or reinstall the air conditioner by yourself.

Incorrect work or modifications could cause.

For repairs and reinstallation, consult your Daikin dealer for advice and information. If the air conditioner is not cooling (heating) properly, the refrigerant may . The refrigerant used in the air conditioner is safe. Although leaks should not occur, if for some reason any. Daikin Inverter included Residential, Light Commercial and Multi Split Unit.

INVERTER Y SINGLE SPLIT (Residential, Light Commercial) i). Information is provided here for resolving trouble in operation centering on residential-use air conditioners. To save time and trouble, we recommend that you refer first to this page. Before you use the unit, please be sure to read this instruction manual for knowing how to use.

Non-compatible types might malfunction due to the extreme high- frequency noise from the inverter. FDXS25E7VMB FDKS25E7VMB. We believe that you have purchased the best air conditioning system available.

Before operating the air conditioner please read this operating manual carefully. It will advise you on how to operate the unit correctly, understand the air. After reading, keep this manual in a convenient place so that you can refer to it whenever necessary.

Be aware that prolonge direct exposure to cool or warm air from the air conditioner , or to air that is too cool or too warm can be harmful to . Therefore, the cooling performance of the air conditioner may be degraded if the outdoor temperature is high.

The computer chip works to rid the room of humidity while maintaining the temperature as much as possible. It automatically controls temperature and airflow rate, so manual adjustment .