Gaze lets you watch videos with a partner in perfect synchrony. Any friends, family or significant others that live far, can feel close. O Gaze é um site que permite a duas pessoas assistirem a um vídeo ao mesmo tempo e de forma.

Everyday occurrences like watching TV become exponentially difficult for those with long-distance partners or friends around the world. Gaze allows you to virtually watch videos at the same time with other people and communicate through webcam.

Gaze é uma plataforma online que facilita a vida de quem quer assistir vídeos junto com amigos que estão distantes. Ela sincroniza o conteúdo entre os computadores conectados, oferecendo botões de Play e Pause, e ainda exibe janela de chat. O Gaze é um serviço web voltado para quem deseja ver vídeos e filmes com amigos, parentes ou namorados através da internet. No site, é possível ver a pessoa com a qual queremos ver o vídeo ou filme e ainda assistir em sincronia via ou o arquivo que esteja em nosso computador. A short tutorial video that shows how LetsGaze.

Following Gaze in Video. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Figure 1: a) What is Tom Hanks looking at?

When we watch a movie, . Information on exporting gaze video from Tobii Studio or Tobii Pro Lab Analyzer Edition. Rabbi Leslie Yale Gutterman. In spoken dialog system or human-computer interaction systems, predicting where the turn-taking (speaker change) occurs is especially important. In this study, we focus on the relationship between gaze behaviors and turntaking.

The purpose of this study is to develop an appearance-based method for estimating gaze directions from low resolution images. The problem of estimating directions using low resolution images is that the position of an eye region cannot be determined accurately. In this work, we introduce two key ideas to cope with the . Abstract: We present a new computational model for gaze prediction in egocentric videos by exploring patterns in temporal shift of gaze fixations ( attention transition) that are dependent on egocentric manipulation tasks.

Our assumption is that the high-level context of how a task is completed in a certain . Many studies have reported the preference for faces and influence of faces on gaze , most of them in static images and a few in videos. In this paper, we study the influence of faces in complex free-viewing videos , with respect to the effects of number, location and size of the faces. This knowledge could be used to enrich a . Never thought this would be so simple. Improving Collaboration in Augmented Video Conference using Mutually Shared Gaze. We introduce a new design for the visual analysis of eye tracking data recorded from dynamic stimuli such as video.

ISeeCube includes multiple coordinated views to support different aspects of various analysis tasks.

It combines methods for the spatiotemporal analysis of gaze data recorded from unlabeled videos as well . General Terms: Perceptually -based Algorithms. Additional Key Words and Phrases: Video retargeting, Video editing, Eye- tracking, Curve fitting. ACM Reference Format: Jain, E. A stochastic model of eye guidance on complex videos is proposed. An extensive stage provides global relocations of gaze in the form of Lèvy flights.

An intensive stage allows for local visual information gathering. Aditya Khosla Antonio Torralba. Kappa and Hirschberg ratio measured with an automated video gaze tracker.

A gaze location prediction model is presented for open signed broadcast video based on actual eye tracking data with fluent British sign language users. The model is used for formulating a variable quality coding approach of such video which is shown to be capable of offering up to reduction in bit rate with little or no . We present GazeDirector, a new approach for eye gaze redirection that uses model-fitting. Our method first tracks the eyes by fitting a multi-part eye region model to video frames using analysis-by-synthesis, thereby recovering eye region shape, texture, pose, and gaze simultaneously.

It then redirects gaze by 1) warping . Bibliometrics Data Bibliometrics.