AER Memories of Old is an adventure game in the truest sense. PC Gamer “With gentle music, appealing visuals and a majestically simple flight mechanic, AER is as pleasant a journey as I first . As one of the last few shapeshi. AER is a game in which you play as a girl with the ability to transform into a bir and you will fly to explore.

AER – Memories of Old – available on 25th october on PC, MAC, Linux, PSand XBox One! There are no Game Overs.

Aer is a game of pure exploration. The entire quality of your experience is going . You will fly to explore and experience a world of floating islands, where exploration will be the key to unlock secrets and progress through a story leading you to the end of the world. The gods of old are forgotten, lost in the . A 3D exploration game taking place on a bunch of disconnected floating islands.

Multiplayer: None Link: Official Site. We do wonder whether AER tries to dig a little too deep for its own goo however. Most popular community and official content for the past week.

Fixed an issue where the game would freeze on specific cutscenes.

Official retailer and remember to sign in for our best price. One, clearly inspired by Zelda, is about dungeons, puzzles and platforming. A beautifully peaceful game that has come both at the wrong time and the right time. Ir para Save game data location.

In AER you control Auk, who joins the burgeoning vanguard of mute characters that dare not utter a single word throughout their adventure. Whilst a mute character may not appeal to everyone this decision is core to the ideals of AER. The game wants players to find joy in the simple act of exploration and . It is from here that AER opens up completely.

Unlike most other adventure games , AER allows the player to begin exploring the moment they have been shown all of the controls. While Auk is pointed toward Daina and her family, the player could just as easily decide to ignore all that and explore as much . With a focus on atmospheric adventures and experiences, Forgotten Key strives to innovate in game design while building rich worlds steeped in ambiance and feeling. It took me around two and a half hours to finish the game , but I was compelled to jump back in in order to explore and gather some achievements. I spent another almost two . In AER , the gamer plays a female who is one of the last remaining shapeshifters.

AER : Memories of Old is an Indie, open worl adventure game on Steam and on PS developed by Forgotten Key. Her mission is to save the mystic world of endless skies, colorful, floating islands that have been left in . Achievement won on Oct 17. TA Score for this game : 150.

It just released with same-day Linux support.

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