A happy family is always around clean and tasty water. EcoloBlue has the know how and the technology to deliver the cleanest drinkable water. NO NEED TO TRANSPORT WATER FROM A TO B, WHEN YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO GENERATE WATER ALMOST ANYWHERE YOU NEED. Ir para In air conditioners – In dehumidification type air conditioners, waste water is a by-product, caused by air cooling and condensation, like an atmospheric water generator (AWG). The water , in this case, is not purified.

Refrigeration air conditioning equipment usually reduces the absolute humidity of the air.

Atmospheric water generators are equipping restaurants, homes and offices with drinking water. Denunciar outra imagem Denuncie a imagem ofensiva. The advantages of this technology are: Simplicity of. Want drinking water from air ? This breakthrough technology is now available to everyone.

Learn more about water creation and the Whisson Windmill. Aquacello supplies atmospheric water generators with the technology to capture, convert and regulate water from air. Cadastre-se no LinkedIn hoje de graça.

Indian startup Uravu that has developed a technology to create water from the air is among the five finalists in a global competition.

The two-year competition is to create a device that extracts a minimum of 0liters of water per day from the air using 1 renewable energy. Whilst the people in charge of our water supply keep the conversation of “ solutions” alive, we are able to provide an immediate solution. This is the answer for your home, for your office, for . They hope that a version of the technology could eventually supply clean drinking water in some of the driest and poorest parts of the globe. Water From Air , Durban.

The device is based on a novel material that can pull large . The possibility of extracting water from air is an activity that has been studied recently, especially with the purpose of producing it for emergencies or exceptional events, when drinking water is not temporarily available. An experiment to extract water from wet air has been realised. The experimental indicate that the typical S-shaped isotherms of our composite material are analogous to the data obtained by adsorption of water vapor on various mineral adsorbents.

The solar distillation is accomplished by heating the wet composite . For people in the world without easy access to drinkable water , the idea of being able to pull it straight out of the sky, even in the driest of desert regions, would quite literally be a lifesaver. That is something that researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been working on with a . Akvo atmospheric water generators create clean, pure and safe drinking water from air using humidity. A machine originally designed for the military, which extracts water from the air , is now being used for humanitarian missions to bring safe drinking water to areas struck by natural disaster or poverty. During his time serving in the . The WaterMaker atmospheric water generator extracts water from the air to produce high quality safe drinking water thus requiring no water source or any connection to pipes or catch basins. Billions of people lack access to clean water for all or part of the year or must travel far to gather it.

Extracting water directly from the air would be an immeasurable boon for them. But existing technologies generally require high moisture and a lot of electricity, which is expensive and often unavailable.

ThinAir are developing an optimised surface designed to efficiently collect clean drinking water from the atmosphere. The Arizona-based startup Zero Mass makes solar panels that can literally pull drinkable water from air.