Ele minimiza as perdas de eficiência e oferece benefícios de energia sustentável. O LG Multi V possui o menor custo de ciclo de vida entre todos os sistemas disponíveis atualmente no mercado. LG ajudou a aumentar a norma das tecnologias VRF ao desenvolver o verdadeiro sistema.

Controlos para Unidade Interior (ver o manual de instalação e utilização deste produto). Disponível a partir de .

Variable Refrigerant Flow. Innovations in Design (LEED Related). Ventilation Rate Procedure. Water Efficiency (LEED Related). Outdoor units are constructed with galvanized steel, bonderized and finished with baked enamel paint.

MULTI V IV Outdoor Unit Engineering Manual. Each frame has a removable inspec- tion panel to allow access to service tool connections, DIP switches, auto.

Do not throw away or destroy this manual. Please read carefully and store in a safe place for future reference. A list of safety precautions begins on page 4. For continual product development, LG Electronics U. Heat Pump and Heat Recovery.

SM-MultiV-IV-Air-Outdoor-Units-4-15. Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification. Benefits of Multi V II Space Systems.

Provides VRF system zoning and efficiency. Suitable for indoor installation behind a louver. Alguem teria o Manual de Instalaçao do VRF LG Multi V IV ? No caso da LG , por exemplo, são mais de 1falhas no Modelo Multi V VRF com códigos padronizados. Controlador AC Smart Premium LG – Manual do usuário. The variable refrigerant flow ( VRF ) air conditioning system has evolved to become one.

LG is committed to providing industry-leading technical support. We are pleased to offer helpful assistance to guide skilled HVAC service professionals in installation, service, and maintenance of our product lines.

Maiores capacidades por módulo. Uma vez danificado ou sujo, não pode ser reparado. Capacidades médias por módulo. When installed in an insufficient strong place, the unit could fall causing injured.

Install the unit securely in a place which can bear the weight of the unit. Incomplete connecting and fixing could cause fire. Use the specified wires to connect the indoor and the outdoor units securely and . Downloa Owners Manuals, Single Zone, Wall Mounted – HSVSeries, LA090HSV LA180HSV LA120HSV LS180HSV LS120HSV LS090HSV4.

VRF solutions are widely considered to be among the most versatile and powerful system air conditioners available.