Natural, spatial and accurate sound. Compare with similar items. Cosmos Pair Black Color. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. All things considere there are few entry-level pickups .

What can you expect from this $set. Denunciar outra imagem Denuncie a imagem ofensiva. Superlux HD-668B or HD-681? I got the superlux HD 668B on your review and I want to thank you they sound really good just waiting for my. Shop with confidence on eBay!

The HD 688B has a warm tilt to it and to my ears was a significant improvement over the HD . Nunca foi tão fácil e barato comprar numa loja online com tantas ofertas e descontos.

Em falta: 688b superlux hd 668b how can i open it and fix the wires pls help me. As últimas novidades e Exclusivos em Tecnologia para descobrir na Fnac. Alguém sabe se com o superlux HD 688B , 6EVO e 6EVO, que possuem cabos removíveis, sabe me dizer se o cabo deles também endurecem com o tempo ? E um grande abraço á todos. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Podziel się opinią na Ceneo!

Hi there, anyone knows where i can get replacement cables for the superlux 688b ? I suggest you audition both and make your decision based on what you have heard. If there was something better for the money, everyone on a budget would be buying it. Netherlands superappelflap.

Im currently using g930s But there closed back and want open Any warnings for these? For $you get great soun a removable cable, good comfort and an extra cable is. Critically acclaimed for value and price.

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HD668b posiada doskonały stosunek jakości do ceny. Konstrukcja pałąka to żadna nowość bo podobne rozwiązanie widzimy w wielu słuchawkach Audio-Technica, AKG lub np. HD668B是一支半開放動圈式耳機,專門設計來滿足專業錄音棚耳機所需的技術規格,其平衡而保真的音色,協助專業音響工程師在混音及後製時,更能聽出清晰而細節的音色。專利耐用的頭墊結構,在長時間配戴下仍然服貼舒適。含兩條一米與三米可分離的直線,以應用於個人音樂欣賞及錄音時之不同用途。內含線扣以預防被拉扯或 .